SEO is a complex of works, the purpose of which is to increase the position of a site in search results. Internet users rarely go beyond the second page of search, so for successful business it is important to try to keep the resource in the top ten or twenty for targeted requests. This is what SEO experts do. Their work includes:

Website promotion in search engines begins with basic SEO, which is also called technical optimization. It is usually done once before launching a new site, or immediately after an audit of an existing resource.

This is followed by work with content, building link mass and a number of other activities that are pointless to carry out until the end of technical optimization. Also, up to this point, you cannot open a resource for indexing by search engines. Otherwise, he will be in the last positions in the issue, and to improve the ranking will need to spend a lot of time and effort.

Integrated promotion requires constant monitoring, analysis and improvement of the site. Only under this condition will his positions be stably high.