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I'm Sathees, a Freelance SEO consultant based in Bangalore.

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SEO Expert in Bangalore is engaged in SEO-promotion of sites for more than 9 years During this period, He was able to help more than 500 clients take their "place in the sun."

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seo freelancer

The main goal of any website promotion agency is to increase profit and recognition of client companies. SEO Freelancer in Bangalore Offers high-quality SEO-promotion of sites in Bangalore(the region with the highest competition) and other regions, as a result of which your site will begin to occupy leading lines in selected key queries. In turn, the growth of positions will ensure:

To Obtain High positions in the search results, we conduct:

With a team of Bangalore’s top notch SEO experts to meet your business goals in Bangalore or India Location. Boost your Website Visibility and improve your leads with SEO Freelancer Bangalore, Call us now.

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Search Engine Promotion (SEO) is rightfully one of the most popular and effective ways to promote websites on the Internet.

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BENEFITS with Sathees SEO Expert in India

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Depending on the pre-agreed conditions, you will receive a full list of declared services. Taking into account all your wishes and recommendations, regular reporting and informing at all stages of site promotion and promotion - all this will allow you to be sure that the funds are not wasted.

We are aimed at obtaining the maximum result at the lowest price and strive to reduce the costs of our customers so that the promotion process is even more effective. We automate everything that can be automated and work manually where quality standards require it.

We test various strategies, keywords, ads, website promotion channels in order to identify the most effective options. Each business project is individual, which means that the methods of search engine promotion of the site must be selected individually.

SEO Freelancer in Bangalore has already helped to successfully implement more than 1,500 projects

Each of the sites was able to break out into the leaders and "bite" its own piece of the market. We provide high-performance campaigns to promote sites through the use of the latest CEO tools and competent development strategies. We are primarily focused on the result and achievement of the goals and objectives that confront our client’s company.

TOP SEO Expert in Bangalore nearby YOU. 10+ yrs experience. Get in touch & let us help you.

  • Full-Service Marketing.
  • Dedicated Team.
  • Great Outcomes.
  • Full-Service Digital Marketing.
  • No Long-Term Contracts.

Advantages of Google Promotion from SEO Freelancer

#1 SEO Expert Nearby you in Bangalore - Get Your Website Page 1 In 120 Days

Our team of professionals has extensive experience listing sites in the top search results of Google. We successfully cope with this task regardless of the subject of the project and the level of competition in the niche market. At the same time, not just traffic is attracted to the site, but an audience really interested in business offers. We can offer our customers the following benefits.

The beginning of work on each project is characterized by a thorough examination of the client’s business. This allows you to create a truly effective semantic core, which will be based on the entire campaign for search engine promotion in Google. A competent choice of priorities allows for a rapid growth in positions, which means an increase in natural traffic.

In addition, a personal manager is assigned to the project, who is ready to solve any questions regarding promotion. Clients receive transparent and clear reporting. In the "My Account" you can see what work has been completed and what results have already been achieved.

These methods cannot be blocking of a site in search results. External optimization is carried out using high-quality eternal links that will continue to give a positive result, even if the client decides to stop working with our company.

The general site requirements for all search engines are practically the same. All search engines want to see in the top 10 only high-quality, informative and useful resources for the target audience. However, there are certain technical and practical subtleties of search engine promotion on Google. The following factors have a significant impact on the ranking results in this search engine.

  • Domain name age
  • Unique and original content
  • Hosting quality
  • Working with meta tags
  • External link profile
  • Mobile adaptation


Search engine promotion is a multi-vector integrated work. However, the main activities can be divided into the following stages.


Grab your share of the market before your competitors do! Use SEO Expert in Bangalore. Find & fix website issues.

Experts conduct a deep analysis of the site, in the process of which the current state of the resource is determined, errors and moments that need refinement are identified. To collect information, standard and professional analytical tools are used.

seo freelancer
seo freelancer

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